Nationale Nederlanden

Megan de Vos and I joined forces with Silo Creative Agency to breathe life into the Nationale Nederlanden offices in Rotterdam and The Hague. Their artistic endeavor spanned four floors, each themed around creativity, vitality, sustainability, and community. The illustrations, printed in sophisticated greyscale on fully sustainable materials, celebrate a myriad of subjects, from office yoga to a Nationale Nederlanden Wall of Fame, and from the company’s Sustainable Development Goals to steps to break through a creative block.

Photography by Silo / Mike Bink

Creativity | The Creative Process 
Creativity | The Creative Process Wallpaper
Creativity | Think Like an Artist 
Creativity | Free your mind
Creativity | Free your mind Wallpaper
Vitality |Office Yoga 
Vitality |Office Yoga 
Vitality | Wallpaper 
Vitality | Wall of Fame 
Sustainablity | The Honest Story 
Sustainablity | SDG’s Wallpaper
Sustainablity | SDG’s

All artwork copyright Senne Trip